I have been diagnosed with disc protrusions, what can physiotherapy do for me?


As titled. Thanks.

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Hi Milena,

Patients suffering from disc protrusions are often referred for physiotherapy for 4-6 weeks as an initial conservative management option, before seeking other more aggressive treatments. The goals of physiotherapy are to:


1.       Provide pain relief and protection to the spine
2.       Restore normal range of motion and strength in the spine
3.       Restore function (work, sport or other activities of daily living)
4.       Prevent a recurrence


Treatment techniques which may help with a disc protrusion include:


1.       Joint mobilisation
2.       Muscle stretching
3.       Massage and soft tissue techniques
4.       Taping to offload certain joints in the back
5.       Acupuncture and dry needling
6.       Therapeutic exercises
7.       Biomechanical analysis to restore normal alignment and stresses through the spine


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