Surgery & Physiotherapy Rehabilitation


Surgery is the final step in problems where conservative treatments were unable to produced the desired outcome. In most cases, surgeons ensure that clients have undergone physiotherapy before surgery is contemplated.

Post-Op Physiotherapy Treatment

Part of a good surgical outcome is good physiotherapy treatment. Our physios will focus on helping you to:

  • restore optimal range of motion
  • strengthen weak and disused muscles
  • restore any functional loss
  • get you back up to your normal pattern and habits

We have extensive experience rehabilitating from a variety of surgical procedures. A non-exhaustive list include:

  • Shoulder surgery – arthroscopy, tendon or ligament repairs, decompressions, joint replacement, fracture management, acromioclavicular joint repair
  • Hip – arthroscopy, labral repair, joint replacement, injection
  • Knee – ligament, cartilage or tendon repair, arthroscopy, injection, joint replacement
  • Spinal – fusions, stabilisations, discectomy, injections
  • Ankle – arthroscopy, ligament repair, joint replacement
  • Foot – bunion and toe surgery, fracture management