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Yes, nothing "out-of-pocket" to pay when you use your health insurance for your next THREE visits.


You must choose ONE visit under "Tune-up" and TWO visits under "Checkup".


Choose from our awesome range of holistic services.


  1. Physiotherapy lower back pain                (with Jan or Colm)

  2. Physiotherapy for neck pain/headaches (with Jan or Colm)

  3. Physiotherapy for knee pain                    (with Jan or Colm)

  4. Physiotherapy for sport injuries              (with Colm)

  5. Sport Massage                                          (with Jan)


"Health Checkup"  Normally $120 



  1. Posture Screening                                           (with Tom)   

  2. Feet check and walking assessment            (with Ray)

  3. Body Composition Analysis & Pre-weight loss strategies  (Ray & Sulanne)


*Sports/Athlete's (Adults) Normally $120 

  1. Runner's Functional Screening       (with Ray)   

  2. Dancer's Screening: foot & ankle biomechanics     (with Ray) 

  3. Golfer's spine & hip screening        (with Ray)  

  4. Pre-season athlete screening: Cricket, Soccer, Rugby    (with Tom or Colm)

  5. Strength & Conditioning for sports performance    (with Tom or Colm) 

  6. Body Composition Analysis for body building  (with Tom or Colm)


 *Kids Checkups (8 - 21 years old) Normally $120 

  1. Dancers & Runner & Gymnast foot screening  (with Ray)

  2. Spine Feet check (8 yrs+)  (with Ray) 

  3. Injury screening  for youth soccer players   (with Tom or Colm)

  4. Strength & Conditioning for youth sports performance    (with Tom or Colm)


Adolescents screening ensures the healthy development of your children. Early intervention of dysfunctions or injuries are often much more effectives and self managable than problems that are developed into adulthood.


*Senior screening (65+)

  1. Balance & fall prevention (with Tom)   

  2. Strength & conditioning for osteoporosis  (with Tom)

  3. Strength & conditioning for knee osteoarthritis  (with Tom)


Senior screenings are designed to identify functionally deficits that can help you better manage the risk factors for fall, fractures, osteoporosis, and knee osteoarthritis. Programs can then be tailored to your level to keep you mobile, pain-free and independent.

Whats Next? 

You MUST first reply to by 14th February 2020

Subject:  “Help me to kickstart a healthier 2020"

Hi, I would like to enjoy the promotion of “HealthyKickstart2020"

Please book me for

1. a sport massage for myself 

2. Runner functional assessment for my partner who is preparing for a marathon

3. Dancer’s foot assessment for my 8 year-old daughter

Be quick and you must reply by 14th Feb to take advantage of this special offer.


T&Cs* This offer is valid for existing clients of active motion and their family with current health insurance and physiotherapy coverage. Clients must bring a current health insurance card on the date of their appointment.



Team Active Motion

Level 1, 103/13 Spring St, Chatswood 

Shop 2, 62-66 Blaxland Rd, Ryde

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Promotional offer*

 Get your next THREE visits

   "GAP FREE !!"    

   Kickstart a Healthier 2020 

*Must make booking by 21th Feb 2020

*Appointments period between by 21th Feb- 21th Mar 2020 

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