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There are times when we are so focused on achieving our goals, we forget that our health is the most important resource enabling us to get there” 

—  Ray Wong, Founder of Activemotion


Activemotion was founded as a physiotherapy

clinic in 2010 in Ryde, and was expanded to Chatswood in September 2013.


We are honoured to have helped so many clients suffering from complex injuries, sports injuries and spinal pain. We truly appreciate those who have recommended our services, including referring doctors, family members, and friends who absolutely deserve credit.

The stories of our clients fuels our passion of providing holistic solutions to help people to transition away from complex injuries, and enable them to return to normal function and doing things they love.


—  Ray Wong

Founder of Activemotion 

& Head Physiotherapist

OurChallenge& evolution

Functional and metabolic medicine shifts the focus of medical practices from treating disease symptoms to a more holistic approach, taking into account genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors that influence long-term health. 

Functional medicine strives to determine the 'why' of chronic disease (e.g. obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, mental illness and auto-immune disorders). One disease can have several causes, and one cause can manifest as several different diseases. Every complex and chronic disease is preceded by a long-term disturbance in functionality which can be identified and effectively managed to facilitate better health outcomes.


Functional medicine focuses on biochemical individuality, metabolic balance, environmental context, genetic predisposition and lifestyle choices. Thus, functional medicine determines how and why illness occurs, and then restores health by treating the root causes of that disease in that specific individual. The aim of functional medicine is to achieve the best possible level of health and vitality.


—  Sulanne Oliveira



  Fitness Trainer


—  Ray Wong 

Founder & Head Physiotherapist     


"Supporting clients to transition from chronic suffering to self-care and thriving performance with integrated functional medicines."


1. Facilitate practitioners to align their talent, passion & values to success.

2. Enrol practitioners in functional restoration programs.

3. Provide clients with inter-practitioner functional restoration programs to regain self-care, heath and wellness.

4. Transform 20 healthcare clinics into integrative health & wellness clinics by 2022.


1. Pursue your passion, live on purpose.

2. Practice mindfulness, truth & compassion.

3. Dream big and back it with goals.

4. Celebrate your win and bring someone up with you.

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