What We Believe In


At Active Motion, we live and breathe these values – they are not just platitudes that we hang on the wall or put in the top drawer to pull out when required.

They are a part of who we are. They are our DNA. We hire our team based on these values, and they illuminate the path for us as we work with each other, our partners and our communities.

Our Vision

To be the leading clinic in Sydney in providing specialized health services in spinal health, women’s health, and lower limb biomechanics for runners and dancers.

Our Mission

  1. To build a strong culture of perpetual personal & professional growth.
  2. To inspire clinicians to develop and practice their best work.
  3. To facilitate education and development for physiotherapy undergraduates.

Our Values

  1. To embody passion in creating the greatest positive impact on bodies, minds & spirits
  2. To generate the “WOW” in people
  3. To practice the latest & world’s best sports science
  4. To show compassion from the heart with respectful humility
  5. To adopt a wholistic and multidisciplinary approach that is psycho-neuro-immunology centric
  6. To go above and beyond in targeting the best outcomes
  7. To express honesty and integrity
  8. To generate, exude and exchange positive energy in an upward spiral

Our Belief & Promise:

We believe in a holistic & multi-disciplinary approach in the management of sports injuries and spinal pain.

We integrate latest and most proven exercise & sports science with a broad range of treatment techniques.

We promise to provide the best treatments and strategies without unnecessary or prolonged care.

What Active Motion Represents


Awesome is an overused word nowadays..

                  There is even a TED talk about just how overused it is!

Jill Shargaa: “Please, please, people. Let’s put the ‘awe’ back in ‘awesome’ “

Everyone’s journey is different and should be treated as such.


Active Motion takes pride in being awesome in our approach and doesn’t use the word lightly. We take an in-depth look at your needs, and customises the approach to what will best help you achieve that feeling of fulfillment in a way that works for you.  The first step is always an initial consultation where we will

  1. Listen to your story
  2. Interpret the story your body is telling
  3. Identify your pain points; (the ‘what’)
  4. Identify the sources of your pain points; (the ‘whys’)
  5. Make sure we have the same expectations and provide a solution to achieve your desired result

Got a more challenging problem or unsuccessful stories? 


Are you troubled by long term relentless pain and been disappointed with the temporary relief you get with your previous treatments?

Is pain affecting your training and ability to achieve your personal best?

At Active Motion, our physiotherapists or podiatrist would be able to provide you with a forensic blueprint assessment.


Tell us your journey, and on request when booking, we will show you how our special in-depth 1 hour specialised assessment can help:


  1. Biomechanic assessments for dancers and runners injuries
  2. 20 Points Spinal posture assessments
  3. Real-time ultrasound pelvic floor assessment
  4. Functional assessment for weight lifting and sportspersons