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 Injury management
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At Active Motion, we specialise in biomechanics. We are passionate to help people to overcome exercise related overuse injuries and chronic joint pain. 

Clients suffering from these conditions often experience reminiscence of pain and niggle, despite "overdosed" with lots of sessions of hands-on physio, chiro, massage or orthopedic focused rehab exercise program. 


Our Philosophy.

We dont just provide therapy, we provide you with solutions. We always tailor therapies that is suitable to our patients skill level, lifestyle and their goals.

Our Culture 

Our wholistic and team culture ensures that you are provided with extra support if you are required to return to intensive training, sports or preparing for a competition. We regularly work with trainer or coaches to ensure a smooth transition rehab program to your training program.

Our Clinics

ActiveMotion has two locations in Sydney: one in the Chatswood and one in Ryde. 


One Vision.

One Team.

Hands-on Physiotherpists

Biomechanical Physiotherapist

Sports Physiotherapist

Exercise scientist & physiologist


Strength & Conditioning Coach

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Active Motion are celebrating our milestones as we are approaching ten years in business in June 2020. Our clinics have treated over 5000 clients with sports, spinal and overuse injuries. Led by expert physiotherapists in Sport Science and Biomechanics, we have solved over a thousands complex cases. Many of these cases were unsuccessfully treated with orthopaedic approaches, often prescribed given by solo practitioners such as physio, chiro, osteopath, massage therapists or pilates trainer. We believe finding and treating the functional deficits are as important as treating diagnoses given by radiological findings.

If your past therapies did not give you lasting results, or if you were told to manage your problem by avoiding the things you love, our team can help you to identify the sabotaging practices, movements, exercises, mindsets, or behaviours that could be holding you back, and provide you with holistic long-lasting solutions to achieve better outcomes.

One mission.

One passion.

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Redefine traditional management of chronic joint pain. Support functional medicine to become a mainstream practice.

Deliver functional medicine for people with chronic needs. Create and deliver programs collectively run by health, wellness and fitness practitioners.

Enable our clients to develop self-care focused skills and achieve their best health & performance goals.

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New Pain & Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

Back Pain & Sciatics

Neck Pain & Headaches

Car Accident/Work Related Injuries

Post orthopedic Surgery Rehab


Performance &


Athlete Overuse Injuries

Training Injuries

Running Biomechanics Analysis

Competitions Preparation

Chronic Overuse Injuries


SuperJoint Testings

Return to Sports

Training Injuries

Running/jumping biomechanics

Performance &


Joint Health Testings & Functional Restoration

Pain over 3 months.

Unresolved old injuries.

Posture conditioning 

Movement & Conditioning Training

Strength & Conditioning Training

JointFit TestingsF

Return to Training Testing

Joint Health Testings & Functional Restoration


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