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Sadly Active Motion Chatswood will be closing its doors for now as of 27th June 2022

It has been our pleasure to serve the Chatswood community, we hope to be back soon!

The GOOD NEWS is we are still available to help you reach your goals at our Ryde location

Find us at:

22a Myra Avenue

Ryde, 2112


Thank you all of your support during this transition,

Active Motion Team

Comprehensive assessments
Functional solutions

Lasting changes

At Active Motion, we are passionate about helping our patients to regain healthy movement patterns and function. We believe motion is also "food" for the body, and that healthy movement patterns are equivalent to a healthy diet.

Our goal is to support you to perform as much (or as little) physical activities you love, without trading off the longevity of your body.  

If your pain has not resolved with the traditional orthopaedic approach (single-joint rehab) such as hands-on physio, chiro, massage, acupuncture or exercise, we would love to hear from you. We offer a range of functional assessments focusing on finding the root cause (primary functional defict) of your problem. Remember, if you cant find the problem, you can't fix it!

PS: Don't hesitate to reach out to us before your booking your first session, tell us your past journey and we can help you to decide if you will benefit from our functional assessments.


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We've upgraded our assessment with AxIT

Get assessed like an elite athlete!

Services Categories

Orthopaedic Approach

Orthopaedic Rehab



Ligament tear (sprain)

Muscle tear (strain)

Torn menicus/Labrum

Work or Motor Vehicle Related Injury

Post-surgical Rehab


Headaches, dizziness, jaw pain

Neck & shoulder pain

Low back pain

Knee & Hip Pain

Heel Pain

Intolerance to physical activities

Poor Posture

Poor balance & walking pattern

Sports Injuries

Back Pain & Sciatics

Neck Pain & Headaches

Car Accident/Work Related Injuries

Post orthopedic Surgery Rehab



Functional Approach

Chronic Joint Conditions

Sciatica       Scoliosis    Spondylosis

Disc Protrusion/herniations

Sacro-iliac Joint Dysfunctions

Posture assessment/ 3D EOS spine analysis 

Stable Joint Testing

Smart Joint Testing

Super joint testing

Corestability Testing

Peripheral mobility/load tolerance testing

The solution is finding the root cause!




Headaches   Vertigo​     Jaw pain


Overactive upper trapz       Scapular instability/winging

Impingement (bursitis)         Thoracic outlet syndrome

Rotator cuff tear/calcific tendinopathy

Upper limbs:

Elbow  -Tennis/Golfer Elbow

Wrist   - Carpel Tunnel's/Ganglion/De Quervain's

Plantar Fasciitis

Achilles Tendinitis/ Sever's disease

Bunio    Hammer Toes       Flat-feet


Bursitis    Impingement   Snapping Hip.  Arthritis



ITB pain syndrome.          Patello-femoral pain syndrome

Osgood's Schlatters         Impingement (fatpad/bursa)

Meniscal degeneration


Sport Injuries & Overuse conditions

Training Induced Injuries

Field based Sport Injuries

Endurance Athlete 

Chronic Overuse Injuries


SuperJoint Testings

Return to Sports

Training Injuries

Running/jumping biomechanics

Athlete Performance testing


Our Clinic

Located in Ryde

About us

One Team.

Hands-on Physiotherpists

Biomechanical Physiotherapist

Exercise scientist & physiologist


Strength & Conditioning

Active Motion is celebrating our milestones as we are approaching ten years in business in June 2020. Our clinics have treated over 5000 clients with sports, spinal and overuse injuries. Led by expert physiotherapist in biomechanics, we have solved over a thousand of complex cases. Many of these cases were unsuccessfully treated by solo practitioners such as physio, chiro, osteopath, massage therapists or pilates trainers. We believe finding and treating the functional deficits are as important as treating diagnoses given by radiological findings.

If your past therapies did not give you lasting results, or if you were told to manage your problem by avoiding the things you love, our team can help you to identify the sabotaging practices, movements, exercises, mindsets, or behaviours that could be holding you back, and provide you with holistic long-lasting solutions to achieve better outcomes.

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One Vision

Redefine traditional orthopeadic management of chronic joint pain. Support functional medicine to become a mainstream practice.

One mission

Bridging the gap between orthopedic rehab and integrative health

Mandala flower

One passion.

Teaching our clients with functional skills to provide long lasting solutions 

Contact Us

Contact Us. 

Let’s Chat. Make a booking or ask to speak to our physio by email or request a call back. We are here to help.

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