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Posture Right Exercise Program

Learning strong core activation and posture restoration 

Intake starting 25th of  February 2020   A$35

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Our Posture Right exercise series comprises of two levels and 4 progressions: 

P1-2 Core activation and Hip-Pelvis-Lumbar mobility(8 weeks)

P3-4 Core stability & Sling System strengthening(8 weeks) 

Initial assessment(essential) $80

Our initial assessment includes a core stability and posture assessment to help us determine which levels are suitable for your needs and goals 

Number: max 5 pax per class


How to activate your core

Finding your neutral spine position 

Pilates & Sling System exercise 

Location & Contact details: 

Tel: 0298074437




Tuesday  2 pm & 4:30 pm

Thursday 4:30 pm

Saturday 9 am 


Friday 5 pm

Practitioner: Tom Carruthers

Duration: 8 weeks 

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