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 As life gets faster and busier, people are increasingly becoming more dependent on quick-fix solutions such as manual therapies & orthopaedic manipulations from their physio, chiro, osteo & massage therapist.  They are wonderful ways to manage your stiffness, stress and soreness in your joints during the period when you can not commit to an exercise routines, meditation, mindfulness practices. However we see lots of patients suffering from chronic joint pain and debilitating joint conditions despite receiving courses of treatment. In many cases these patients have received plenty, if not “over-dosed” on, hands-on treatments that do not address the root causes nor improving the functional aspects of their conditions. 

The keys to restore your joint functions lays in the diagnosis of your pain. If your pain is becoming regular “flare-ups”,  taking longer and more sessions to fix, the chances are you were only given a treatment approach based on an orthopaedic diagnose concluded by x-ray and scans such as MRI.  

 Chronic Joint Pain 

Functional health assessments, along with the orthopaedic investigations (eg xray, MRI) consider a much wider and wholistic possibilities of your joint health. Think of it as the “stress tests” for your joint. A good example of this is the ECG stress test, will tell you informations of your heart otherwise will be missed by an MRI. We will then prescribe a restorative program, often combining physiotherapy, exercise physiology, mindsets & nutrition strategies to help you restore your function to optimal states.

This is for you if this is your experience,


"I have already seen more than 3 medical and health practitioners and have received more than 12 months of the same therapy."

"My body punishes me when I don’t see my practitioner on the regular basis"

"I was told I have this (disease/conditioning) and I could never push my body to exercise or work again."


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