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We are very proud of our multidisciplinary and in-dept pre-injury screenings to identify injury risk factors and have you improve your deficits, so you can train smarter and harder. 

Eg:  Athlete screening for injury risk factors

        Sport specific screening


For complex and long-term program, we have both movement and joint-specific biomechanics assessments that offer you a very complete and expert insight of how you are and are not using your joint in the most efficient and optimal way.

Eg: Foot biomechanics assessment for runners

      Runner’s functional movements screening

We facilitate the process determining your body functional deficits, and tailor a treatment pain to align with your intentions and step-by-step conditioning program.


"Pain is a part of life, suffering is a choice"


 Pain is no evil. Pain creates emotion, pain creates the fight or flight response which enable us to charge and escape from danger. Pain is also an essential part of the healing process, restricting us from doing further damage. 


However, pain is often misinterpreted and manifests FEAR, avoidance and suffering.  

Pain is an evolutionary gift necessary for growth.Therapy helps you to understand your pain and how to respond appropriately, providing you with the right tools and practices necessary for your body

to restore its optimal functions and performance."

- Ray Wong,

  Founder of Activemotion

Dry Needling Acupuncture
Shockwave Therapy
Sport and Kinesiology taping
Braces & Aids
Hands-on Physio 
Remedial Massage
Pilates & Posture Classes
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body functions
Foot Biomechanics
Knee Biomechanics
Posture correction
Movement Correction
Check & Restore my functions
Spine Alignment
Feet Alignment
Walking pattern
Core strength 
Body Composition
to performance
Running Biomechanics
Jump & Hop Analysis
Sports Massage​
Exercise Science
Pre-season Preparation
Strength & Conditioning  

Endurance Athletes

Marathon Runners     Triathletes

Swimmers                 Rowers  

Gym Enthusiasts

Common Overuse Injuries

White-Collar Workers

Wrist and elbow injuries

Neck pain & headaches

Lower back pain

Common Overuse Injuries
Soccer Game


Soccer          Rugby

Golf              Tennis

Cricket           Badminton    

Common Overuse Injuries
Judo Fight

Trainers and Coaches

Fitness instructors

Golf instructors

Martial arts instructors

Common Overuse Injuries
Teen Ballet Dancer

Performing Arts


Musical Instrumentalists

Common Overuse Injuries
Mother and a Child


Wrist and elbow injuries

Neck pain & headaches

Lower back pain

Common Overuse Injuries
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Speech Pathologist


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